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  Principal Partener 2014
– European Union
  To Noble Ideals
Like the European Union itself, the Neemrana Music Foundation is a bold and inspiring project, wrapped up in noble ideals and imbued with indefectible principle; the belief in cultural exchange, the commitment to heritage, the importance of social justice, education, of youth, the rooted belief in the universal – for Neemrana, the universal power of music to inspire.
Who could resist such an intriguing and inspiring proposition - to bring Western Classical music to India. Since 2002, the Foundation has achieved just that, taking fourteen productions, including Verdi's La Traviata, Bizet's Carmen, and more recently Orfeo crossing the Ganges by Monteverdi, to seven Indian Cities from Mumbai to Kolkata. More than 50,000 people have attended operas and concerts with the total of 44 shows. The response has been undeniable, with seat occupancy rates nearing capacity. Who would have predicted that a decade ago?
In terms of the European Union, it has had its own role to play. The EU Delegation in India proudly supports The Neemrana Music Foundation through its Public Diplomacy and Outreach in India and the SAARC, a project which aims to promote understanding and awareness of the European Union and local interest in cooperation with Europe, its guiding principles, its values.
What better vehicle was there to achieve this than the Neemrana Music Foundation – to some a quintessentially European institution. It's commitment to the arts is matched only by its commitment to social justice; of the four choirs, two are children's, one made up of blind children, the other disadvantaged students; through its policy of co-development it offers technical training in stage set-up, costumes, make-up, in collaboration with European professionals; and it supports vocational education and training of Indian musicians and provides scholarships for young Indian singers and composers to study abroad.
All professional artists invited for operas and concerts are also involved in conducting the educational sessions. Young students of the foundation are given the opportunity to benefit from their teachings and some are then selected to participate in these professional productions as soloists or choir singers. In the past ten years, regular collaborations have been initiated with conductors belonging to prestigious institutions such as Akadêmia Ensemble, Pelléas Chamber Orchestra, Musiciens d'Europe; Ostinato Ensemble and covering a wide range of repertoire.
– H.E. Dr. João Cravinho
Ambassador of the European Union to India and for Bhutan